Day 24: An Exmoor marathon #107days

Last weekend our first #JusticeforLB marathon was run by Ruth on Day 18 and tomorrow sees Deborah and Daniel treading the streets of London in the London Marathon, but today, Day 24 belongs to Lucy Skye.

Lucy is running the Exmoor Marathon, she isn’t running for money, although feel free to donate, but is running to raise awareness of LB and the treatment of many others like him. Here’s what Lucy had to say:

There weren’t many buses to be found on Dartmoor during training for this marathon (plenty of mud though) but whatever the length of the run, #JusticeforLB was never far from my thoughts. I know I feel powerless to make the changes to systems/people/organisations that so desperately need to happen, and if that’s how I feel, I know it’s only a fraction of what others are feeling. But I can also see what joy can be gained and maintained in small things, how we can freely add another bit to this puzzle, and how they all add up to something so much more.

And so the last long run is now done, and the tapering before the race has started…it’s this waiting around bit I find hardest.

I can plan it all out to the ‘n’th degree, but I’ve still got to go and do it, and I just want to get it done. I’m not going to lie, I’m scared I won’t finish and that it will all be too much. But there are more important things to keep me going:

  1. I wish I’d met LB. He sounds like the sort of guy who got things done. In his way and his time. So that’s the first thing I’ve got in mind – to take my time and just enjoy the view. I’ll get there when I get there.
  2. Second, that I need to laugh my way round. Probably not all the way or I’ll run out of breath and conk out. But I need to find things to laugh about, and think of things that will make me laugh. There’s no point in doing this if I don’t enjoy it.
  3. Third, that I’ll try and share those two things with as many people as possible. And how, and why. Because then they’ll know about LB too and we can all laugh in celebration of him up and down the hills and out to the sea.

And I’ll keep an eye out for buses. Just in case.

Please take a few minutes to visit Lucy’s facebook wall and wish her luck and thank her for her efforts as Lucy carriers the virtual #JusticeforLB running baton forward.


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