Day 18: A marathon for Connor and Hope #107days

Day 18 is a special day because it marks the first day in which someone is volunteering to partake in an extreme physical test of endurance for #107days. Today is Ruth’s turn; asked why she was supporting #JusticeforLB this is what she had to say:

I didn’t know Connor, but I wish I had after reading his mum’s blog posts about this awesome young dude. I don’t have the words to describe how I felt on reading of Connor’s death.

My daughter is hearing impaired and had a tough time of it at high school – lack of training, understanding and patience from the staff we felt. In spite of endless meetings to try to resolve Hope’s poor attendance record, we ended up keeping her at home for the last year of her GCSEs. She achieved all eight of them – all on her own terms and through utter determination.

Fighting tooth and nail to secure her future – and feeling somehow like we were just awkward parents – I totally get what this campaign is all about.

So what is Ruth doing I hear you ask? Ruth is running 26.2 miles, in the rain, across the beautiful but challenging North Yorkshire Moors:

I haven’t the words… but what I can do is run! Connor and Hope will be uppermost in my mind on Sunday 6th April when I run the Hardmoors Wainstones Trail Marathon. I love trail running – albeit slowly! – and it seemed like a good opportunity to show off this awesome young dude and promote the campaign.

That’s right, at 9am this morning Ruth will set out to run 26.2miles in the wind and rain, with Connor and Hope as her inspiration.


This was the view of the first hill as shared by John Hurse of Tynebridge Harriers after last year’s race – we’ll update with Ruth’s photo’s later on. We’ll be virtually cheering Ruth on, and are very humbled that she chose to run for LB; if you’d like to make a donation in acknowledgement of her efforts details of how to donate are available here, but either way please take the time to send Ruth a good luck tweet here. Final word goes to Ruth:

Hope – you are an awesome young dudette and we love you muchly xxx

Ruth sent us an email this morning reporting back on the day:

I got flyers out on all the tables at the start/finish point and saw lots of people reading them – then pointing at my back-pack. Without fail, every one who asked me about LB said the same thing: what a basic and terrible mistake to have made in his care. Three people I spoke to all had some connection to the health/care/nursing profession, and all said their training over the years highlighted the need for utter vigilance when it comes to supervision of people with epilepsy. Needless to say, they were horrified and appalled that such a thing could have happened. There was a lot of support and love. In fact, one woman hurtled past me, then stopped to ask who the dude was on my back! That made me cry 🙂

Once again, thank you for letting me help in my own way – and an utter privilege to have had LB as my motivating, ‘go faster’ inspiration.

The privilege is ours, Ruth has kick started the endurance supporters in fine style – next weekend has two more marathons, Lucy and Deborah, and after that we still have a canoe race, a triathlon and possibly cyclists, more to come on them in due course. Thank you Ruth for sharing #JusticeforLB with so many.



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