Week 15: The Tale of Laughing Boy #107days

So we’re here again, the end of #107days for the second time. It is hard to believe it’s now two years since LB died. There really aren’t any words. Today we’re pleased to be able to share The Tale of Laughing Boy with you.

Produced by the brilliant My Life My Choice and Oxford Digital Media, with funding from Oxford City Council, grab a cuppa and sit back to watch.

Thanks to each and every one of you who have supported #JusticeforLB these past two years and both #107days campaigns. As Sara says of the campaign in the film:

‘These people haven’t met Connor, they don’t know Connor and yet they recognise the injustice of what’s happened, they recognise what a quirky and colourful individual he was and they’re acting, and they’re prepared to say this is wrong and join in. I think that’s absolutely amazing, it’s been so heart warming and so reassuring that so many people have stepped up and done all these different things and got in touch, and are really moved by it all. They just get it, I think that’s great, that has meant the world to us’.

Screenshot 2015-07-03 23.56.48

As for Sara’s hopes for the future:

‘My beyond wildest dreams would be that… we didn’t even have to talk about learning disabled people, because there wouldn’t need to be that division, because everybody would have a right to live where they choose, everybody has an imagined future, and the distinction between being learning disabled and being non-learning disabled would become sort of irrelevant, because it isn’t an issue’.

Final word goes to Rich:

‘In many respects the world would be a lot better place if we all behaved more like Connor and less like not-Connors; his sort of approach to life was so straight forward and simple… uncomplicated… you just sort of think I wish I could be more like that, I wish we could all be more like that… we should all be more like Connor and people like Connor and the world would be a much better place, and it would be a much more inclusive place, and actually we might all enjoy it a bit more.

Imagine, just imagine for a moment…. and ACT!

11 thoughts on “Week 15: The Tale of Laughing Boy #107days

  1. Like so many of us my thoughts will be with you and your family today. This nightmare with sloven soul suckers will come to an end.xx

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  3. As always you are in my thoughts. Reaching for the stars that you seek Sara, and working towards and looking forward to a time when we live in a truly inclusive society is our collective responsibility to LB and all the dudes everywhere.

  4. everyone has to be safe in any health trust/care provision setting or none of us are. A duty of care means acting to prevent harm when the risk of drowning,choking,going malnourished , thirsty or being in uncontrolled pain is a known potential outcome without intervention. Accountability for a preventable death is a duty. Connor’s death is a total tragedy and no one can be sure another young man/woman isn’t at risk this evening through the same shameful standard of care. Sorrowful and joyful film, just willing someone besides Norman Lamb to champion.

  5. This is so powerful and the film needs to be watched by as many people as possible. We hosted the justice quilt at Newman University before Christmas and asked George if she could do a blog on our vulnerability 360 site. We know how busy she and you all are but could we replicate this blog on the site with a bit of context instead of a new blog? We are getting quite a lot of followers internationally and lots of students follow. Please can you let me know what you thinks ASAP ?
    Karen at k.m.argent@newman.ac.uk

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  8. Having watched this video I really should say you all appear to be the most wonderful family a child could have. May the support you all so deserve come forward in the form of Justice & a change in our society that allows for more understanding of an individual’s condition & ultimately leads to better more tailored care. My heart goes out to you all. I think you are incredibly strong, brave & determined to upgrade our society for the better. May god be with you all xx

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