Day 21: Looking forward to the weekend #107days

Day 21 was adopted by Deborah Faulkner, who joins the virtual #JusticeforLB running team, with Ruth (Day 18) and Lucy (Day 24). Deborah is running the London Marathon on Sunday, so if you’re down supporting or watching on the TV keep an eye out for her and give her a cheer. Here’s why Deborah is supporting #107days:

I heard of Connor’s story through the wonderful world of Facebook. A friend shared a link to Sara’s blog and I read it with sadness and horror. I have very little experience of autism, epilepsy or the provision of care that is in place for those with these conditions. I am, however a Mother of four children, all with health issues that have required me to put my absolute trust in the medical profession. Several times I have placed my child’s life in the hands of people I don’t know, but who I believe will do their utmost to protect them and keep them safe from harm.

It is beyond my imagination to comprehend how I would feel if one of my children were to die. To have a child die through someone’s negligence and in such tragic and preventable circumstances must be utterly devastating.

I got a place to run the London Marathon unexpectedly this year. It came as quite a surprise and I hadn’t been planning to run for a particular charity. When I read about the Justice for LB campaign I decided to dedicate my run to this important cause. I hate asking people for money (but please give if you can!), so my aim is to raise awareness by wearing #JusticeforLB on my back and front throughout the marathon. Due to the not very speedy nature of my running, thousands of people will be overtaking me so hopefully they will notice the hashtag and be inspired to look it up after the race. You never know- I might even get noticed by the TV cameras! I personally will be thinking of Connor and his family during the tough times throughout the marathon and use their strength as an inspiration to carry on to the end.

Obviously none of this will relieve the pain and suffering that Connor’s friends and family are experiencing every day. It is a very small thing that I am doing, but I believe that if there is anything we can do to be a voice for the vulnerable members of our society, we should do it.



Daniel Marsden got in touch with us having read the post about Deborah running the London Marathon for us, having already been involved via WeLDNurses. Daniel had some space on his shirt, and wanted to support us too, along with his other causes. So that’s Daniel and Deborah running on Sunday, spreading awareness of #JusticeforLB and hopefully causing one or two new people to think about people with learning disabilities, and the rights afforded to them. Daniel’s shirt is below, so if you see him or Deborah give them a shout and a wave for us all.


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