My son’s not rainman

This is just a quick heads up that in a couple of weeks, Day 57, May 15 has been adopted by John Williams, who is one half of a double bill of comedy in Henley-on-Thames, with King Cnut. John also writes a hilarious, moving and deeply authentic blog that you can read here.

Presented by King Cnut Productions

Two sell-out shows from the 2013 Edinburgh Festival come together for one special event. Dave Griffiths and John Williams bring you an eclectic double bill, telling the story of a small man fighting the big man and a big man fighting for the small man.

C U IN COURT is the extraordinary true story of how award-winning comedian Dave Griffiths obsessively fought clothing giant French Connection for his right to wear his Cnut t-shirts on stage. An incredible David v Goliath story exposing the hypocrisy of huge corporations.

“One of the best shows I’ve seen … you need to see it” – The Comedy Reviewer

MY SON’S NOT RAINMAN is the debut solo show from John Williams, based on the award-winning blog of the same name. John is a single dad and his son is 11 years old and autistic. He isn’t a genius … his only special power is making his Dad laugh. A lot. This is their true story.

“An incredibly funny man. Well crafted and full of heart. Go and see it!” – The Skinny

Plus a short spot from special guest Marcus Richardson, ‘The Comedy Poet’.

Tickets are priced at Adult £12, Senior, Friend/Keeper or Student £10 and if you buy 10 tickets, you get the 11th free. The performance will be filmed and is suitable for age 16+.

We’re delighted that John has adopted the day and will dedicate his performance to LB. If you’d like to go along, and who wouldn’t, you can book tickets direct from the theatre here.

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