Day 72: Enabling equality #107days

Day 72 was adopted by Tom Shakespeare. He is giving the BSA/British Library annual Equality lecture this evening and he asked to adopt the day and dedicate his lecture to LB. We’ll add his presentation after it’s been given, but for now this is what Tom is talking about:

Enabling equality: from disabling barriers to equal participation

In this talk, the researcher and disability rights advocate Dr Tom Shakespeare will explore what it takes to achieve equality for disabled people, in the era of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and ‘welfare reform’. Barrier removal and reasonable adjustments make workplaces more accessible, but only if the extra costs which disabled people face are met through state benefits. Because disability is so diverse, ensuring that all disabled people can flourish requires more than simply levelling the playing field. Where next for disability equality?


It would seem this discussion is needed now more than ever given the latest Southern Health development of a blanket ban on baths being taken in John Sharich HouseĀ (the remaining Southern Health provision after STATT was closed), reported following an unannounced CQC inspection. Person centred care, what’s that about then?