Day 29: Spreading joy #107days

Day 29 was adopted by Charlotte who has written a blog post sharing her exploits! You can read it all here. Charlotte explains why she got involved with #107days and #JusticeforLB:

Improving services for people with learning disabilities is something that I’m incredibly passionate about. For all the talk of a post-Winterbourne era, there are people all over the country who are being placed in in unacceptably risky situations, receiving substandard care and spending far too long in units that are far from their homes and those that they love.

Charlotte decided to launch a mini awareness raising campaign in Nantes, the city where she lives. She hand crafted 32 beautiful LB calling cards and distributed these across the city, raising awareness and spreading joy:


Take a look at Charlotte’s blog post for a write up and more photos. Thank you so much Charlotte..