Day 44: Healthy one-page profiles #107days

Day 44 was adopted by Lauren. In a stroke of genius (ok, fluke, this wasn’t exactly planned for) Lauren’s post builds on Phil’s post from Wednesday (Day 42) and the WeLDNurses chat last night (Day 43). When we asked Lauren why she had been moved to support #107days and #JusticeforLB, this is what she had to say:

I am a final year social work student and a single parent with a young son who is non-verbal on the Autistic Spectrum.When reading about the Justice for LB campaign I felt passionate on a personal and professional level about being a part of making a difference in promoting awareness to prevantable deaths in people with learning learning difficulties.

This is what Lauren decided to do across #107days that we are profiling on Day 44:

My final year placement is within a Supported Living for people with learning difficulties and it was apparent that there was a need to promote more awareness of how to support individuals with their health needs.

I have always been a huge fan of person centered tools and especially ‘one page profiles’. I felt that the use of profiles would be a great way to ensure support staff understand and acknowledge how best to support people, from their perspective on their health needs. An example of how this was going to help was where some individuals were anxious to go to the doctors, some staff didnt know why they were anxious, but other staff that knew the person well understood how to support and relieve this anxiety. In having a personal ‘health profile’ this type of support that is personalised to the individual can then be ensured to have consistency and good effective communication to promote the persons health needs.

The health profile we have put in place includes : What is important to the person, What is important for them to stay healthy and anything else people should know to support me.

Digital Camera

This is a photo of two of our tenants who were happy to have their photos taken but we have blocked out their names on their profiles.

We’re grateful to Lauren for being so proactive, especially as a student on placement she had to secure support from a number of people. We are also particularly grateful to the tenants who agreed to share their photo. We hope that the profiles prove useful to them.