Day 8: Growing awareness #107days

Today is a shared day, between¬†Zinnia and Kay. Zinnia is a horticulatural social enterprise,¬†based in East London, that works with anyone with a support need. They were one of the first groups to get in touch when we launched #107days and they will hold a day when volunteers plant stock and then a % of any profits made will be donated to LB’s fighting fund, established to cover legal costs. Also importantly when this stock is sold, Zinnia will share information about LB with it, growing awareness.

The second person who adopted Day 8 was Kay. She is attending the Lincolnshire Autistic Society Annual Conference today #LAS2014. She is taking some of LB’s bus postcards with her. Here’s why:

I’m sharing the #justiceforlb story because I too have a ‘Young Dude’ and my heart breaks just thinking about the whole scenario, as I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be for LB’s family.

It is just unbelievable what has happened.

LB and his family were seriously and tragically let down by a system and people within that system, that are supposed to be there to help and support.

No words are enough, so perhaps sharing the story will highlight the tragic, preventable events and hopefully go some small way to ensure this ever happens again in the future.


Kay and Zinnia are both helping us spread the word and grow awareness (see what I did there). If you would like to get involved with raising funds or awareness then please let us know. Thank you.