#107days in 107

There have been a number of brilliant suggestions for #107days themed around 107. It’s got to be said that lots involve people with huge stamina and commitment, these aren’t people who do things by half. This post just highlights a few of them, seven in fact, they’ll all get a feature day during #107days where you can learn more, but for now here are some to look out for:

  1. Jane is running 107 kilometres in memory of LB – ten 10k runs on ten consecutive days and a 7k on the final day
  2. Mark is sharing 107 stories from an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) – some positive, some negative, but all about his son Steven
  3. Rachel is going to have 107 conversations with 107 people and ask them to do the same
  4. Sam will share a tweet a day, 107 things she has learned through work bringing people home from ATUs
  5. Jill is observing 107 seconds of silence every day at 1.07pm
  6. WiseGrannie is sharing 107 lessons from 107 dudes and dudettes who she taught
  7. Ann will share a tweet a day, 107 changes she’d like to see.

We’re grateful to everyone supporting #107days and genuinely believe that these actions, along with many more, will help support bringing #JusticeforLB. If you’d like to get involved then let us know here.


Day 0: Launching #107days

A year ago today Connor entered Slade House, the assessment and treatment unit where he died #107days later. Last month an independent report found that LB, short for Laughing Boy (Connor’s nickname) had died an entirely preventable death. Today the Guardian published an excellent piece by Saba Salman exploring what happened and the response since Why did Connor Sparrowhawk die in a specialist NHS unit?. Definitely worth a read, but do come back. The article was accompanied by My son died in an NHS residential unit. Every day I wake to the pain that featured extracts from Sara’s blog, which you can read here.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 11.34.14

The campaign seeks to inspire, collate and share positive actions being taken to support #JusticeforLB and all young dudes. We want to harness the energy, support and outrage that has emerged in response to LB’s death and ensure that lasting changes and improvements are made. You can read what those lasting changes might look like here: What does #JusticeforLB look like?

The #107days of action start today on Day 0: Wednesday 19 March, and will continue until Day 107, the first anniversary of LB’s death, Friday 4 July 2014. We will use this blog to share information, ideas and evidence of the changes made, big and small. Connor loved buses, London, Eddie Stobart and speaking his mind. These are themes that we’re delighted will feature throughout this #107days campaign.

We have a wide range of activities occurring over the next 107days including: fundraising events such as sales of friendship bracelets, cakes or art work, a number of letter writing opportunities, inclusion of #JusticeforLB at various conferences and meetings, a couple of twitter chats including three organised by WeLDNurses, beach art, the Jim Mansell Memorial Lecture, a couple of exhibitions, runners and triathletes raising awareness or funds, art days in the planning, various bus related activities, and the support of numerous bloggers.

We have 62 days that have been adopted so far and still have 45 that are up for grabs, but be quick, they’re going fast. If you’d like to adopt a day, let us know using the form here. We also have a number of people, with great stamina, who are doing actions across the #107days and we’ll feature these in a separate blog post shortly. We kick off in earnest tomorrow with Day 1: Postcards of Awesome. We really appreciate the phenomenal support that has been shown so far and look forward to everyone’s efforts to bring JusticeforLB and other young dudes.