Day 63: An EP for LB #107days

Day 63 was adopted by Adam, a colleague of Sara’s. This is what he had to say about getting involved and supporting #107days and #JusticeforLB.

We decided to dust off our instruments and create these versions of some of Connor’s favourite songs to raise some money and awareness for the campaign, but also to celebrate the life (and good musical taste!), of one cool dude.

When I first met Connor it was at a wedding. He immediately made it very clear that he wanted two things from the day… to chat up girls

And to get some Ice cream.

A cool dude indeed.

EP for LB

Adam got together with his friend Marc, to produce something we think you’ll agree is rather special in LB’s memory. Adam and Marc recorded a covers EP featuring four of LB’s favourite tracks: National Express by Divine Comedy (of course), Dexy’s midnight runners by Geno, Here comes the sun by The Beetles, and Feel good inc by Gorillaz. Also included on the EP is the See Me! track recorded by First Note on Day 26 of #107days.

If you click on the tracks above you can go listen to the track and watch the awesome accompanying videos that Adam put together on YouTube – they are well worth a watch having been compiled with more photos of LB and also of some of the activity of the #107days campaign so far. Even more excitingly the EP is live on iTunes and available to purchase for the paltry sum of 79p per track or £3.95 for the entire thing, all profits to LB’s Fighting Fund, so please do get downloading and sharing.

Day 26: First notes of empowerment #107days

Day 26 was adopted by First Note, an all-ability community music group based in Luton. First Note

…work with many people who have varying abilities and disabilities. One thing we stand for is allowing all members of our community to have a voice. This empowerment is priceless. Through music we can unite people because, it goes without saying… music is power!

In keeping with this, First Note wanted to sing for #JusticeforLB. They have written and recorded a song for #JusticeforLB and had this to say:

First Note have been touched by LB’s compelling story and have therefore decided to get involved by dedicating a song in support of the #Justice4LB campaign and in loving memory of LB. Music allows us to come together in hard times and we hope in making this that we can raise much needed awareness to this campaign and all other kinds of malpractice across the country.

Explaining what is behind the song, First Note shared this:

This song was written because of Luton’s diverse community. It combines English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi and is about joining together in celebration. Whether it’s right or wrong, we tend to judge each other on whether we’re able-bodied, disabled, black, white or purple! When really, we all share the same existence and experiences that life has to offer. We have one great thing in common.. We are all human. So whilst LB’s story is very tragic and has touched the hearts of many people, perhaps something positive can come from this? Maybe we can give some inspiration to allow voices to be heard? Maybe society can grow and change…? One voice cannot be heard…. but maybe many voices can!!

You can read the blog post that Teela wrote on behalf of First Note reflecting on #JusticeforLB here and you can enjoy their performance here: