Day 33: Fulfilling ambitions #107days

We’re coming up to a third of the way through #107days and we are delighted to share that a number of LB’s ambitions have been met, so Day 33 is focusing on fulfilling ambitions. This weekend Sara wrote a post reflecting on LB’s future and the lack of ‘loss of potential future’ narrative; one thing we all know is LB’s love of London and of buses, indeed it is his artwork of a London bus, that has become the visual symbol of #JusticeforLB. You can read Richy Rich’s words to learn more about the context of this, especially the last paragraph.

So we know LB wanted Connor Co and last week Ally Rogers found it in Urbana, Illinois:


Connor Co wouldn’t have worked without a fleet of vehicles though. To quote his Mum from another post introducing the fleet, which kicked off with the help of Mrs Buhweet pulling a few bus strings:

The dude had massive, steadfast, consistent dreams around ConnorCo and a fleet of vehicles. There are now three (3??) double decker school buses dedicated to him. Just makes me cry. With more to come on the fleet front…



So the LB ripples will continue for many years to come. Hundreds of school children will travel on those buses in the coming weeks and months, and we hope that LB will live on in a small way with every one of them.

There is another small movement trying to ensure that the lessons of the preventable nature of LB’s death are learnt across the globe, through the challenge to ‘Draw a Bus for LB’, heavily supported by Beckie and a number of people on our facebook page.

Atawhai Brownies Drawing

Atawhai Brownies in New Zealand drawing a Bus for LB – thanks to Karen

So far we have 54 buses, so we’re one over half way, but we still would like another 53.


So if you have children (or adults) on holiday at the moment (you don’t have to be as creative as Becky and her family), but please do encourage them to draw a bus, then take a photo and post it on our facebook page, or tweet it to us, or failing all else you can email it to us. If drawing or colouring isn’t your thing then there are still a number of ways in which you can get involved with #107days, check them out here, and thanks again for all the support so far.