Day 93: 107 London buses #107days

Day 93 was adopted by Steve Hardy, a Consultant Nurse who got in touch early in our campaign to offer support, connect us with WeLDNs and many others. We are really grateful for his enthusiasm and leadership, at a time when many working in this field sank down in their seats a little, Steve stood up and ensured his voice was heard. Today he is doing a very special challenge for #JusticeforLB. Here’s what and why:

I can be a little obsessive as I receive daily Google alerts on news stories concerning people with learning disabilities. One afternoon earlier this year an alert came through with the Investigation Report into Connor’s death. It’s hard to describe how shocked I was. I then tweeted the story and found there was a growing movement across social media to find justice for Connor.  I have worked in the NHS for people with learning disabilities for 25 years and the NHS is somewhere that any individual, with a learning disability or not should be safe.

I want to do something personally to promote the campaign for #JusticeforLB, for Connor and his family and help make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Due to Connor’s keen interest in buses I have chosen to complete 107 bus journeys in one day across London. I will drop in on some services for people with learning disabilities along the way to spread the word.

Steve has written this guide to share with people on the day and he looks like this, so keep your eyes peeled for him:


Steve will be tweeting about his journeys and you can also sponsor him if you’d like to make a donation here.

Here’s Bus One of the 107: