Limited edition pencil cases

The very lovely, not to mention skilful Jo Kidd, has hand crafted with immense love a limited edition set of LB Bus Pencil Cases/Pouches/Wallets/Make-up cases. A versatile wallet that can be used in multiple ways.

LB pencil case 2

Made with fabric printed with LB Buses, and zips in complimentary colours, Jo has made 25 cases that are available now on pre-order. Sara’s Mum has kindly agreed to act as postmistress and despatch the pencil cases when they become available.

The cost of the materials and second class postage works out at £3.50, but that doesn’t account for the love that has gone into the pencil cases, or the unique nature of them. That said we want to make them accessible to people whatever their budgets so we are making them available for £3.50 minimum and you are welcome to pay more if you’d like to make a greater donation to LB’s Fighting Fund.

If you wish to pre-order a pencil case then you can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Pay by bank transfer into the LB Fighting Fund account: Sort code 08-92-99 Account No. 65698046 and then email us at LB Fighting Fund
  2. Pay by Paypal by transferring funds to LB’s Fighting Fund account: and then email us at LB Fighting Fund
  3. Buy tickets for cash in person from Jo or Sara, if you know them.

If you are buying online (Options 1 or 2) please can you include your Surname and the word Pencil in your transfer details, so that we can match your purchase to your email at LB Fighting Fund. When emailing please include ‘Pencil case order’ in the subject line and if you are ordering more than one please state the number in the email.

LB pencil case

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