107 Red Balloons

This is just a quick heads up that Day 6o, that falls on Sunday 18 May, has been adopted by the amazing people at Frog Orange. They have donated 107 red balloons, that will be released at Shotover, with LB’s family, friends and outraged community members. Everyone is welcome to come along and get involved. Balloons will be released at 3pm.

6 thoughts on “107 Red Balloons

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  3. Dear Event Organisers,
    Sky lanterns and balloons may look pretty but they can harm wildlife at sea and on land (not to mention the fire risk they also pose). You can read more from the Marine Conservation Society here: http://bit.ly/1cZIMcm #DontLetGo

    Are you aware that Oxford City Council has a policy that prohibits the release of balloons and sky lanterns throughout their area, which includes Shotover Country Park?

    Please re-consider holding a balloon release event which can cause harm to wildlife and result in unsightly litter in a Country Park. Why not find an alternative idea from the list here: http://www.mcsuk.org/downloads/pollution/dlg/Launch-Event_Alternatives.pdf

    Best Wishes,
    Vicky Inglis

    • Hi Vicky, thanks for getting in touch. I’m one of the people behind the #JusticeforLB campaign and I too am a tiny bit uncomfortable with this day of action, for the reasons you raise. However, having done some research I now consider that the gains outweigh the risks for the following reasons…

      1) these are balloons not lanterns so much lower risk, most go high, disintegrate an disappear – small risk 1-10% that some may travel and pollute, but, even then these are red balloons and most animals avoid red (sign of danger and all that)

      2) we found no policy prohibiting the release, and Shotover byelaws do not (currently) cover it

      3) perhaps most importantly Oxfordshire CC were the same authority that commissioned the support that negligently allowed Connor to die; given that fact alone, I’m not sure I’m personally too worried about their guidance or policy – they didnt uphold a legal duty to keep someone safe.

      Until we get to a point where people are as outraged about the treatment of people with learning disabilities as they are about risk to wildlife, I think the risks of 107 red balloons are worth taking. This is just a personal view and I know discussions are ongoing about tomorrow’s release, but FWIW I thought it might help to share an alternative perspective. Thank you for sharing yours, G

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