Week 5: Censored #107days

We couldn’t let quilt week pass without squeezing in a post about the patch that didn’t make it. Ally Rogers, LB’s cousin, has been a quiet constant of the #JusticeforLB campaign, sending witty tweets and making acerbic observations, that have led to many a dark chuckle in the Justice Shed. Ally is currently completing her undergraduate dissertation, which is due in next week. With a working title of How to Make Friends and Impress People: A Case Study (to be replaced with something more yawningly academic in due course) Ally is conducting a narrative analysis of Sloven’s communications around LB’s ‘care’ and death. 12,000 words looking at the texts on blogs and Sloven’s public statement on their website, focusing on assigned and hidden responsibility for actions. Legend.

When it came to stitching a patch for the Justice Quilt, Ally went for subversive LB style. Committing to fabric LB’s bigoted tendencies, as captured in Sara’s blog post of 2011.


The arrival of this patch into the quilt makers pile posed somewhat of a dilemma for Janet and gang. Was such a blatant statement appropriate for the Justice Quilt? Would it make sense without context? Janet, Janis, Margaret and Jean discussed what to do amongst themselves and took advice from others.

After much careful and sensitive deliberation by the quilting team it was decided not to include the patch in the quilt. A decision not taken lightly.

Instead it proudly sits on the wall of Sara and Rich’s kitchen, as a brilliant conversation starter and chuckle inducer.

Here’s to LB, Ally and all the subversive ones.

2 thoughts on “Week 5: Censored #107days

  1. Good old frank honesty LB! I think Rob would sometimes like to echo that, tho wouldn’t dare ! By way of explanation, Rob has severe and quite complex learning disabilities, quite low IQ, but quite articulate. What he doesn’t have is understanding, tolerance and tact when the inevitable and sometimes daily incidents happen in his working environment at the day centre he attends. Although he went to SN school and spent many days in class with me ‘helping’ when he left school, he still cannot grasp the concept of a mischievous incident or an action that is really beyond the control of his fellow service users ( hate that expression)

  2. Hah! There’s probably a Slove stooge roughing out their own dissertation as I type: “The Awkward Squad: A case-study of familial stubborn bloodymindedness.” Did LB proud, Ally!

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