Week 5: Quilt Stories #107days

The Justice Quilt emerged out of the wonder of #107days last year, patches were crowdsourced from across the world and lovingly stitched together into the magnificent quilt by Janet Read, Janis Firminger, Margaret Taylor and Jean Draper. You can read about the process of making the quilt here.


This year as part of #107days Take 2 the quilt has taken up residency at the People’s History Museum in Manchester. It is there until Wednesday, 22 April so you’ve another three days to pop along and view it in this magnificent setting. It continues its travels after Manchester, moving to Lancaster University, more about that in due course.


This week we will share some of the quilt selfies on this blog and people’s reactions to seeing the quilt. We have some of these from twitter, but we’d love to hear more. Drop us a tweet or a comment on this post of what you felt when you saw the quilt. If you stitched a patch we’d also love to hear from you (whether you’ve seen the quilt of not yet) – why did you get involved, how did you decide on your quilt design, how did you find stitching a patch, what do you think of the final masterpiece?


These amazing pictures in today’s post were taken by Jack; here’s a few more for you to enjoy:

Panel1 Panel2 Panel3

5 thoughts on “Week 5: Quilt Stories #107days

  1. When the quilt idea was launched I was already making a Crosstitch LBBus card for Sara for Connor’s anniversary, abandoned (one day – watch this space!) in favour of making a contribution to this awesome idea. I used colours from LB”s ‘Colour’ for my patches and called them ‘Splodges’ , an attempt at an artist’s pallet and ‘Loose Ends’ and ‘Why’ – no explanation necessary! They were stitched on trains, on undergrounds, on London Buses (of course!), on planes and by the poolside in Majorca, and by my Mum’s fireside in Northumberland.
    Hard to believe those ‘Loose Ends’ are still in abundance and there are still no answers to ‘Why’…….

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