Day 100: JusticeforLB hits Glastonbury #107days

Day 100 was adopted by Dan, Rebecca, Ruby and Rosa. We’re delighted that so close to the end of #107days there is an opportunity for more people to learn about LB and celebrate his life, this time at Glastonbury #Glasto2014

We got to know Sara, LB’s mum, initially through her research and writing, chats at conferences, inviting Sara to speak at conferences we have organised and in various parts of the world at Disability Studies conferences. We are sure people know this but Sara is a really respected researcher in the field. She does in practice what she writes about in articles: inclusive and participatory research. Especially, her work is know by us for foregrounding the important role played by researchers who are also mothers of disabled children.

For example, her paper  ‘Busy Behaviour’ in the ‘Land of the Golden M’: Going Out with Learning Disabled Children in Public Places, was a real gift shift for us: especially the line where she talks about the community ‘not doing odd’. We loved that phrase and have used the paper in lots of our teaching and writing. (Here is a link to the paper).

We also read Sara’s blog and were struck by the humour and affirmation of LB and his family. It was a joy to read. And then LB died. We continue to read her blog and recently Dan had the pleasure to catch up with Sara in person. This was bitter-sweet, of course. We were there for the Manchester partnership conference and the reason we were there, of course, was because of honouring the #JusticeforLB campaign. We wished we were meeting for different reasons. LB did not deserve to die. The reason he died says so much about the disabling society that we live in and the violent institutions that continue to fail LB and all the other dudes. We wondered, together, if our research really matters anymore. Can academia contribute anything to contest these conditions of disablism? On reflection, we think that research/ers and the academy can do much to challenge disablism but this can only happy if we work collaboratively and in alliance with organisations of disabled people and families of disabled children. It is also about using broader methods of communication, not simply academic papers.  Sara’s blog has been a shining example of this, reaching audiences and getting people to understand difference productively.

Social media is helping to raise public awareness of disablism and what we have seen with #JusticeforLB campaign is a global galvanising of like-minded souls who are not prepared to accept what happened to LB without fighting back. And so to our adopted day of the campaign: which we thank Sara, her family and the campaign for allowing us to adopt. Sara has written extensively about how much humour and joy LB gave. In recognition of this we want to use our time at Glastonbury festival to publicise JusticeforLB. We ask everyone to look out for our flag:


We will be there with our daughters Ruby Haf Lawthom Goodley and Rosa Cariad Lawthom Goodley (pictured with the flag above). They have been really affected by LB’s news and have organised to make loom bands to sell at Glastonbury to further raise money for the campaign. We have also bought a 15 feet long flagpole and hope to get JusticeforLB captured by the BBC coverage. In addition, we hope that other festival revelers will ask us about the flag and we look forward to telling them that LB was a cool dude and what happened to him should NEVER happen again. So look out for it folks: just don’t expect to see it during the Metallica set. We will, though, make sure we get a picture by the cider bus: we think LB would like that.

If you are at Glastonbury and see the #JusticeforLB flag, or flyers, or Dan, Rebecca, Ruby or Rosa, please send us a pic. We’d love to share in your Glasto experience.

— Dan Goodley (@DanGoodley) June 26, 2014

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