Day 97: Jack’s Cats for Justice #107days

Today was adopted by Gina and Jack. Gina Aylward, is Assistant Social Work Practice Learning Co-ordinator and a member of the Centre for Disability Research(CeDR) at Lancaster University. She had this to say about why they are supporting #107days and #JusticeforLB:

I had seen pictures of Connor advertising a seminar event being presented by Chris Hatton. This led me to some further website reading, and then attending his seminar Laughing Boy versus the Zombie Institutions: Closing the new institutions for people with learning disabilities [Day 49].

Having worked with people with disabilities in community and residential settings for many years, the website and presentation by Chris struck chords in me of sorrow/anger/frustration, as to how this young person‘s path led to his untimely and avoidable death. It is not always easy to identify resources and support for people with complex needs, but everyone should be able to access a basic safe and safe environment, even when their way forward may be unclear.

On a personal level, Connor’s story has resonances for me as I also live with a unique and creative dude. My son is passionate about nature and the environment.

Gina, and her son Jack, decided that they wanted to support #JusticeforLB. Here’s what they decided:

My son and I have talked about the #JusticeforLB campaign, and both of us fully support it. As he is still of school age, he raises money for the things he believes in by making small cats out of recycled materials.


Each cat takes approximately 2-3 hours to make, and is a valuable addition to any household. They can also make great gifts! We aim to raise money for the campaign by selling the hand made charity cats. An individual cat costs £3, or 2 kittens for £3.

On Saturday a number of us joined Gina, Jack and Rob to celebrate the end of the exhibition Systema Naturæ: A History of In-animate Nature by Rob Williams and Jack Aylward-Williams at The Gallery Exhibition Rooms, Atlas Works, Carlisle. The exhibition was an opportunity to view their prodigious collection of specimens drawn from numerous pedestrian expeditions in Britain and abroad.


You now have the opportunity to own a piece of Jack’s art by purchasing one of his Cats for LB. You can buy them for a minimum donation of £3 and you are welcome to pay more if you’d like to make a greater donation to LB’s Fighting Fund.

If you wish to order a cat then you can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Pay by bank transfer into the LB Fighting Fund account: Sort code 08-92-99 Account No. 65698046 and then email Hannah with your order
  2. Pay by Paypal by transferring funds to LB’s Fighting Fund account: and then email Hannah with your order
  3. Buy cats for cash in person from Gina Aylward or Hannah Morgan.

If you are buying online (Options 1 or 2) please can you include your Surname and the word Cat in your transfer details, so that we can match your purchase to your email. When emailing please include ‘Cat’ in the subject line and if you are ordering more than one please state the number in the email.

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