Day 84: Mothering in the extreme #107days

Day 84 was adopted by Chrissie. Here’s why she is supporting #JusticeforLB and #107days:

I think Sara is brill, and met her several years ago, along with Katherine Runswick-Cole (Mum’s and sociologists together), oh and we’re going to write a book, but it never happened, YET.

I saw Sara at a conference in Coventry, not long before LB’s death. Things were not okay, and Sara looked pretty drained… I went away with a heavy heart.

My daughter is 27 years old, learning disabled, fun, and one of her big loves is cutting out piccies from the Argos book – they tend to be bottom drawer items, and then she makes lists. She also loves performing!

I cannot feel what Sara is, but do worry for a future for my dude-ess and all others out there.


Chrissie wanted to do something to support the #107days campaign and today she is giving a seminar for staff and students at Aston University. You can check out Chrissie’s presentation below and we think it looks phenomenal:



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