Day 73: His life honoured #107days

Today, Day 73, is the day of the party night to end all #JusticeforLB party nights. Two options are available, an English Country Dance at Bletchingdon Village Hall, or the LB Fighting Fund Party at Oxford Sports and Social Club, more details on both here.

Caroline Jordan is organising the Country Dance and here’s why she is supporting #107days and #JusticeforLB:

LB was loved, nurtured and cared for by his family, so much love surrounding him. When their family needed help and support, they were all let down tragically. I want to help raise awareness, so that more and more people can stand and say ‘This is wrong, this must never happen again’.

The Party Night is very much a collective effort, organised with the support of many people, including Jenny O’Loughlin (General Manager at OSSC), NansforJustice who have covered the cost of the room hire, Vic, Sam and Trev from Identica who designed the best tickets ever after researching London Transport with superb attention to detail, LNS Print for printing the tickets for free, and Alan, the bacon and egg bap man from outside Oxford station for providing the nosh.

As we prepare for an evening of celebration and fun (alongside some awareness and fund raising) it felt like a perfect time to share this contribution from Carrie Morgan. Carrie adopted her birthday, Day 70, to share with LB. Here’s what she sent us:


My birthday shared with LB

For a day,
I held Connor in my heart and mind
Reaching for awareness of his life and laughter
Only guessing at the grief for its loss.
We took a toy bus to the beach..
..and we laughed
We leaned over a wall, watched city buses
busy about their business..
..and we laughed,
my dear daughter and me.

I shared LB’s story and art in the pub
Shocking folk and prompting bitter words.
Is it apathy, neglect, lack of care, inattention?
Switching off awareness so a young life ends.
Then their wonder at the alchemy of love,
Tragedy transformed, his life honoured
Enthusiasm, hope, vision for a better deal
Generated and inspired by loving family and friends.

Go well, justice for LB


Hope everyone enjoys some love and laughter tonight honouring LB. Thanks to all those working behind the scenes organising both nights.

2 thoughts on “Day 73: His life honoured #107days

  1. Poignant for me, it’s my 12 year old’s birthday. We spent the day at the beach hut and I had a quiet moment for LB. I attempted to hug him a little harder but apparently this isn’t ‘cool’. Much love and thoughts for you all who can not longer try.

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