Day 65: Solidarity sent from Toledo #107days

Day 65 of #107days was adopted by Mark Sherry, an Associate Professor at the University of Toledo in Ohio. This is what Mark had to say about getting involved:

I heard about LB’s death from Hannah Morgan in the UK.

It broke my heart.

I thought of his Mum Sara and I wanted to do something…

This is SO wrong.

I told my students about it, and asked them to take these photos.

They are a great bunch of people.

We may be thousands of miles away, but we are with you in solidarity.

RIP Connor

Mark, his students, their family, friends and community members all got involved to share their solidarity with #JusticeforLB and made the following video

It is humbling to see the ripples of #JusticeforLB and the #107days campaign reach so far, and touch so many people’s lives. We are truly grateful to our friends in Toledo for taking the time to share their support. Thank you.

Screenshot 2014-05-23 09.15.48

The Dixon Drive kids

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