Day 59: Time and Place #107days

Day 59 was adopted by Janis Firminger, Margaret Taylor and Janet Read. This is why they are supporting #JusticeforLB and #107days:

We wanted to adopt Day 59 because like many others, we feel angry and sad about LB’s death, the manner of his dying and the truly terrible grief that his family have experienced as a result. Sara’s writing makes us want to really see Connor, to understand what a remarkable person he was and to appreciate how he enriched the lives of those close to him. Her blog and the responses of others have also laid bare the myriad ways that the lives of learning disabled people and their families are blighted by carelessness, neglect and disregard, by the limitations placed upon them by others and by assumptions about how little they have a right to expect and hope for.

The social media activity has also revealed a different world, however: one that is altogether more inspiring and is populated by people who do not accept these tawdry taken-for-granted ideas. The blog posts, tweets and the rest capture a lot of love, affection, fury, sharp insights, analysis, good politics, protest, brilliant stories and decent humanity all unified around LB’s story and the determination to get justice for him and for others with learning disabilities.


Janis, Margaret and Janet are all currently exhibiting their work at their Time and Place exhibition.

Day 59 is part way though our textile exhibition, Time and Place 2014, in London and one of the pieces in it was made in memory of Connor.

We are also in the process of making LB’s Justice Quilt as a way of celebrating a remarkable life and raising awareness for the Justice for LB campaign. We are asking people to contribute by making a small patch to be sewn into the quilt (see below). We have a vision of a large, strong, colourful, quite disorderly quilt that reflects the mood of the contributions people have been making through social media activity. We hope that our adopted day will encourage more people to make a patch for the quilt. If you’d like to get involved please see how here.



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