Day 45: The fleet keeps growing #107days

Today we return to LB’s passion for transport and his longstanding dream to have a company called ConnorCo. His interest and delight in transport were known to everyone around him. These are school comments from a residential trip a year or so before he died. LB had such a good time and kept staff in stitches over his awe of the lorries at the ferry port.


And, as Rich ended his talk at LB’s do; “His biggest dream was to run his own transport company – ConnorCo as it became known – which was to be based in Country Mayo. He had the livery, the range and number of vehicles, the routes and even the pay scales and overtime rates all worked out. It was the best transport company you could ever imagine – and those trucks and trailers, flat-liners and box vans will rumble on forever in our hearts and in our memories of this beautiful and magical son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, friend and young man”.

Well,  Rodgers Coaches made that dream a reality back on Day 33 when they dedicated three red double decker school buses to him. Such an extraordinary gesture.


Meanwhile, LB’s auntie Sam was beavering away behind the scenes, contacting a local transport company, Earthline:


My nephew, Connor, died last year whilst in NHS care. His death has recently found to have been preventable via an independent enquiry. Connor was mad about trucks, lorries and buses and a campaign ‘107 days of action’ has been set up to mark the length of time he was with the NHS last year, the idea being that something takes place every day for 107 days to raise awareness and funds for my sisters legal fees.  Bit of a long shot but having been gently woken from slumber every morning at 7am by your lorries since moving to Ogbourne in 1996 I know Earthline and  I wondered if you’d ever considered naming lorries? Connor Sparrowhawk is a cool name, and it would be something he’d have been so chuffed about.  Look forward to hearing from you,


The following day (the following day…) she received this reply:

Dear Sam,
Naming a truck is not our thing but we would more than pleased to help. We have a few new trucks arriving this year so it would be easy to arrange.Please feel free to ring me to discuss,
Best Regards,

Within weeks, LB’s fleet had acquired a Scania truck. Seriously remarkable. A ‘can do and done it’ attitude. With such enormous impact.

scania 3 scania 2 scania


Thank you to Matthew and Earthline for helping LB’s fleet to grow.

5 thoughts on “Day 45: The fleet keeps growing #107days

  1. Of all the 107 days & all the amazing things people have said, issues highlighted and anger expressed, it is day 45 that has made me cry. Seeing Conner’s name on trucks & buses, his dreams of running a truck line, now I feel the human spirit of LB that is still very much alive & celebrated. X

  2. OMG am I going to extend my personal pledge of letting all red buses ‘pull out’ to any HGV? I’ll never get anywhere fast at this rate!

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