Day 31: Paddling for JusticeforLB #107days

Day 31 was adopted by Madi Barnicoat, who is our youngest supporter so far to adopt a day. Madi has a very personal reason for wanting to support #107days and #JusticeforLB:

My brother, who is Downs, also autistic spectrum, and with a dose of brain damage at birth thrown in is almost certain to live in an assisted home of some sort. I’m frightened that people won’t take proper care of him or will take advantage of him. So my main idea is to raise money so that you can help stop it happening.

Madi is raising money in an incredibly physical, and hugely impressive way, by paddling 125 miles in a race known as the Canoeist’s Everest. This race is a mean feat for anyone, never mind a 15 year old. Not only do they race 125 miles over four days but they have to carry their boats around 77 locks on the route.

I’m paddling in the 125mile Devizes to Westminster race #dwcanoerace. Historically a bet, but now grown into an annual international marathon race. I’ve paddled racing kayaks since I was 8 years old and I’m the youngest taking part this year. I’m racing with my coach (Ian) in the junior vet class. We’ve been training throughout the winter and really started in late October to train hard.


So, as we’re all kicking back and relaxing this long weekend, indulging in the odd easter egg or two, think of Madi out there on the water, working hard to raise awareness and funds, and if you’d like to support her please do make a donation in one of two ways:

  • By bank transfer into the LB Fighting Fund account: Sort code 08-92-99 Account No. 65698046
  • By Paypal transferring funds to LB’s Fighting Fund account: 

You can also follow Madi’s progress live here until the batteries run out (Madi is boat 54) and you can track the results here (boat 54 is 4th in list). Madi sent us the text for this post at the end of Day One and they’d made amazing progress, paddling from Devizes to Newbury, a distance of 35miles in 5Hrs 36 minutes, and LB is with them every stroke of the way:


Finally Madi’s family are supporting her and you can tweet Jo here or George here, if you’d like to wish Madi luck or send her a message and let her know how truly awesome she is (and indeed her whole family is for supporting us; you don’t get to paddle 125miles without a lot of support). Thank you Madi, Ian and Team Barnicoat.

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