Day 13: Bringing Us Together Chat #107days

Day 13 was adopted by Bringing Us Together, here’s why:

As parents, we had followed My Daft Life (Sara’s blog) for many years and had grown to know LB and his family. After his death, we were saddened by the number of organisations who were not speaking up and showing support. We wanted to show our support publicly and also, give Sara a chance to chat about the campaign via our site to raise awareness of the campaign and to help, in a small way, to raise awareness of the issues that sadly brought this campaign into being.

So who are Bringing Us Together:

Bringing Us Together is a parent driven company, aiming to bring together parents, young people, family and practitioners to share learning and resources. As parents, we were conscious of how much time we spent asking questions to the wrong people who couldn’t help or finding out information when it was too late to be of use. We also wanted to give families and practitioners the confidence to throw the box away and think about the possible outcomes when people throw away tick boxes and labels and truly put the child/young person and family at the centre of any planning.

Day13_BUT logo

I’m guessing that your next question will be how can I take part in this discussion with Sara and Bringing Us Together. Well it’s quite simple really:

Before this evening, you will need to register as a member on our site so you can post responses – you will be asked to confirm your membership  via email (check your spam folder if you don’t get it quickly). People need to be members to post or respond but can see the chat without being a member.

So please visit the site, register and pose your questions and stick around to ensure a lively discussion about #107days and #JusticeforLB. You can also tweet your questions to @BUsTogether and join in the discussion on twitter this evening at 7pm.

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