Day 7: Hair raising support #107days

Today’s day was adopted by Sukey Carder of Sukey’s Hair Lounge. We absolutely love how she’s played jazz with #107days using one of LB’s postcards, which you can buy here, if you fancy being inspired too.


I’m competing in a charity hair show in Corby Northants to raise money for The Epilepsy Society and Dreams Come True. So far we’re up to £800 and still counting! I am using LBs postcard as my inspiration for one of my models, as I wanted to use this event to not only raise money for an epilepsycharity but to raise awareness too. It will be quite a big event, Mayor, principal of the college, press etc but most of all it will be joyous, with singers, highland dancers!

I first ‘met’ Sara when a mutual acquaintance asked people to send her some support as her son, LB, had gone into Slade House, and she was struggling. Thus a little support network sprang up, a little nod here and there, hello, thinking of you, keep smiling, don’t worry etc, one mother to another, why wouldn’t you?

Imagine, well, you don’t need to imagine, my horror after coming home after a great night out for my wedding anniversary, to find a distraught Sara saying LB had died. I decided,however much or little I could do to support her, I would.

I am honoured to support the campaign/movement, Justice for LB and so pleased that this charity fundraiser coincides with 107days. When we send the cheque to The Epilepsy Society, it will be wrapped in the fabulous LB flyer, maybe we can buy their attention.

We are delighted to let you know that Sukey won her competition :))) Her fabulous creativity, models, skill and we’d like to think a little inspiration from LB, put her in a great place….first place. Not only did she win, but a large amount of money was raised for the Epilepsy Society and Dreams Come True.

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