Day 2: Happiness #107days

Day 2: Happiness was adopted by @sarasiobhan. Here’s what she had to say…


I signed up to Day2 #107days to write something about happiness. Kind of a tall order in many ways. But then again, it ain’t. Which is pretty cool really…

Yesterday on the (we love) Phil Gayle show [available at 2.92 for 6 days] the Gman interviewed two DJs from Sting Radio about LB.

Paul Scarrott said “We had LB’s mum in and had a day of happiness on our radio show. We wanted to know about LB in the happy days.” And they did. It was a joyful two hours on Tuesday. And, as so often happens, it was the dudes who captured what really matters; the happy times.

LB may have been only 18 when he died, but he packed in about a billion years worth of happy times. We still hear new (and often hilarious) stories of his exploits from different people. We are always having “Do you…

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