Power of the pen

We’re confident that words are powerful, after all #JusticeforLB and #107days are built firmly on the power of social media, and social interaction. Without knowing it, or ever beginning to imagine what would happen, Sara was building a community of people who knew and loved LB, her, Richy Rich and their family, most without ever having met them in the flesh. So we can agree that words are powerful, and that social media has been a brilliant platform for this campaign.

That said there are some people who choose to engage in different manners. Indeed Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, those who were responsible for LB at the time of his death, chose very early on to ignore us on social media, and latterly to block us, effectively sticking their fingers in their ears. That is their choice and probably as good an indicator as any of how meaningful their promises to ‘learn lessons’ really are; it’s hard to believe that family and friends will be valued if you have your fingers in your ears when listening to them. Anyhow, I digress, the point I was hoping to make was the power of social media, but also the power of the written word.


(CC) Photo courtesy of Llee_wu

As part of the #107days campaign a number of people have promised to help out; we’re very grateful to Jill from the Tizard Centre who is drafting a letter to the press that will feature on Day 3 and Educational Rights Alliance are drafting a letter template for people to send to their MPs which will feature on one of the #107days too. Emails have already been sent and I’m sure more are in the drafting, but I think the letters pledges are great. There is something old school, traditional and proper, in stepping back and picking up a pen to sign your name and write the envelope and post it. I hope by using many methods we will get greater impact and make it further towards JusticeforLB. If the pen truly is mightier than the sword then we’d better get writing.

If you’d like a copy of the templates when they’re available, or to add your name to any group letters, then either keep your eyes peeled here and on twitter or please let us know using the form here. Thank you.

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