As soon as we started campaigning for #JusticeforLB we were struck by the solidarity of so many, but one group of professionals stood out for us. WeLDNurses are a group of healthcare professionals, predominantly Learning Disability Nurses, who connect up online for a fortnightly chat. These chats are used to share learning, ideas and innovations about matters of interest, with the ultimate intention of providing better care.

WeLDNurses got in touch at a time when we were not having much luck communicating with healthcare professionals. They offered to do what they could to help us improve things, and we’re delighted that they are going to adopt three of our #107days and hold online chats on those dates.

All conversations will take place at 8:30pm, on twitter, using the hashtag #WeLDNs. We will advertise these again closer to the time but the first one takes place on 3 April (Day 15) and will focus on epilepsy management.


2 thoughts on “WeLDNurses

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