Postcards of awesome

One of the things about LB was that he was, without doubt, one awesome dude.


It has been suggested that one of the actions we should take during #107days is to collect at least 107 (or more if there’s interest) postcards of a whole lot of awesome. So if you are a person with a (learning) disability, or the parent, brother, sister, friend, colleague or carer of someone person with a learning disability, then this is an activity for you.

We would like you to send us a postcard with your dude/dudette’s first name and what it is about them that makes them awesome. We know that people with a learning disability* are awesome, and we would like many more people to know that. So please join in this activity and at the end of the #107days we will organise an exhibition (online or in real life) to share a whole load of awesome with people.

If you’d like to take part in this activity click here and complete the form to let us know and we will email you back with the postal address. Thank you.

*Learning disability, disability, any kind of awesome dude or dudette is eligible

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