How to get involved

We would like your help. Please. We are looking for people to get involved with #107days, and take actions, large and small, individual or collective. We need your help to share responsibility for the actions that take place. One option is that you can volunteer to ‘adopt’ a particular day, some are already reserved for pre-booked activities but we have about 100 to fill. It may be that you organise a fundraising activity, that you have a conversation with someone about LB, that you take a photo and share it on twitter, that you send a postcard on that day, that you give a lecture, or share your own reflections. Anything you like, big or small, it all contributes. The second option is that you set yourself a target for an action that you will complete within the 107 days.


We would like the focus to be on positive actions at this stage. You could choose to raise funds to support legal costs, to have conversations, to write letters or blog, we need fundraisers, conversationalists and writers. We also welcome social media evangelists, artists and reflectors. We will keep a record of all the actions achieved across the 107 days and will share suggested actions on twitter and facebook using the hashtags #JusticeforLB and #107days. If you’d like to adopt a day or suggest an action please do reply below:

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