Get running?

Got to say that when we first mentioned #107days on twitter and our email update (you can read it and sign up here) we were surprised, and delighted, to be contacted by two people who were running marathons next month. They both asked if they could dedicate their run to LB and they will run with #JusticeforLB on their race numbers. The focus will be on raising awareness of LB and the preventable early deaths of people with learning disabilities, as opposed to raising funds in these instances.

If you have a run coming up during the #107days and would like to dedicate your race to LB, and either raise funds or awareness, please do get in touch through the form here and let us know and you can adopt your race day. Once our runners have completed their day we will upload photos and a guest blog (if they’d like to write one) telling us how it went. So please get in touch if you’d like to run for LB.


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